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Posted by shannonclark on May 30, 2002

From the beginning will be a ramble, and then a full lengthy text – which over time I will edit to meander into something intersting.

This site is named for a play I wrote six years ago called “Searching for the Moon” someday I hope to see it performed on a stage – it is a tale about many things, but mostly about the ongoing search for love.

Years ago I came upon a major fork in a relationship, though at the time we did not know that it was a fork. We were in my car, driving on a cold Chicago winter night. It was the night of a full lunar eclipse, and we were going to drive somewhere outside of the city so we could see the site. We were driving in my old Acura integra, I was driving, she was seated nxt to me, we held hands as we drove along Lakeshore Drive – we decided to head south, and found ourselves in Gary, Indiana. As we drove it was overcast, the sky was cloudy and the moon was nowwhere to be seen.

We parked in front of a small city park somewhere in Gary off the Interstate. Getting out of the car, into the cold, we scrambled down the small hill and found a small gazebo, hold each other there in the dark, snow on the ground around us, and the moon nowhere to be seen, we spent some time hugging and kissing – and looking for the moon that was not there.

A few months later, just after spring break we broke up – somehow I was convinced that had we found the moon that night we would not have broken up – not true of course, but still more poetic.

So this is my first ramble, I’ll have more I am sure – as this progresses I will come up with others to write, others to comment on, at some point I’ll share my writing, my lite’s interests, link to the hundreds of sites and people that I like and enjoy, and otherwise share myself with this silent audiance.


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  1. […] My blog is named after a play I wrote back in college, called Searching for the Moon. I’ve written here before about the orgins of the name, though as that was back in 2003 and in my very first post in May of 2002. […]

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