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Posted by shannonclark on June 7, 2002

Friday, the sun is shinning, the sky is blue, and though the office is cool I am having a great day.

Last night I attended a signing at Stars Our Destination which turned into a reading as well. Both authors are friends, and many other writers in Chicago attended. The conversation was wide ranging and great fun. We talked about favorite books and authors, about writing, about academia, in short an intelligent and interesting conversation with people who moments ago were complete strangers – this is what I am looking for when I leave my home or office!

The evening was a comedy of electronic failures, after dinner and good curry at an Evanston Thai restaurant (thanks for the recommendation) I took myself to Kafein, a wonderful local coffeehouse that stays open late, lets you sit and study for hours, and serves great drinks… I opened up my laptop and prepared to write the many thoughts and ideas that had been sparked by the invigorating experience of meeting with fellow writers and holding intelligent conversations. It was not to be.

My keyboard on my laptop has decided to forgoe allowing me to use the “k”, “,”, “=”, “]”, and “8” keys.

So, I tried to call Dell to initiate a service call and get my laptop repaired – phase two of my electronic battles…

My cell phone’s battery started chirping and beeping at me – and after having gotten the correct number to call with the help of a family memember in front of a computer, I was then unable to get the darn phone system to recognize that I was typing any numbers… just kept repeating the same message over and over and over again… “press 1 for this, Press 2 for that…”

All was not lost however – and before the night was out I did indeed get the process set in motion, and then managed to make it home in time to have a very late night business meeting that bodes well for the future.

While I am writing this on Friday afternoon however, my laptop is still unfixed – no service person from Dell here yet – they implied they might not be here until Monday (so much for “next day service…”) so tonight and over the weekend if I want to write I will have to use an external keyboard – one more thing to pack….

Tonight I will be having curry again with my friend Mary Anne – it is such a treat to have friends back in town to do stuff with, to have lunch with, to cook dinner with, this past month has been a wonderful change of pace for me – far more social activities, not just business networking events as my few nights out (not counting hanging out at a local cafe as a “night out”)


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