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Posted by shannonclark on June 10, 2002


First sun, but then in Chicago’s typical manner – a storm that came and went in an hour, hopefully gone now before I venture forth for lunch.

This weekend was sunny, warm, and wonderful. It started with an evening with my friends Mary Anne, Jennifer and her husband Rich, and other friends eating and talking into the evening – lots of fun, something I have missed these past years. It is great to have friends back in town!

I even got some writing in on Friday after the party, wrote a bit on a political story I am writing – definitely science fiction – an atheist wins the Presidency…

On Saturday and Sunday I went to the Old Town and Wells St. Art fairs – two fairs, both a block or two from my house, and always on the same weekend – makes for a wekend when I avoid moving my car, and a weekend of lots of people in the neighborhood (by lots I mean many tens of thousands!) But given the weather the viewing was great (and the art not bad either)

Met up with some random friends on the street, but mostly just explored the fair on my own. Spent much of Saturday afternoon sitting in the local Starbucks (a few thousand sq.ft. on the corner, not a typical Starbucks) reading Ken McLeod’s Cassini Division. It is not as good as his The Star Fraction and I am still not certain whether I like it or not (but at more than halfway through I should finish it tonight). Since I am writing my own political SF story it is very interesting reading, especially to keep track of what I do and do not like – what I don’t like is the sensation of disconnect from challenge, “big” tasks take a paragraph or a line, and many pages are spent on stuff that frankly gets somewhat boring. Also I am fairly certain that while I agree with some of his politics, I am in more disagreement than agreement with him – which is itself a challenge as well.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day, but I did make it back to the fairs and caught a truly amazing musician. Anne Harris, who was so good that I strangely enough bought her CD – something I rarely do. Her music is hard to describe, a mix of Celtic, Fok, African, Pop, and other influences. She writes her own songs, and performs them in an amazing live show with electic guitar, electirc bass, drums, and herself playing either electric fiddle, mandolin, or percussion. Someone whom I will try to catch at another performance (also a rarity for me, rare that I am this interested in a musician).

Off now to lunch and then a day of work stuff until this evening – when I plan on doing more cleaning of my condo, a few hours of writing, and catch up on my backlog of reading.


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