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Posted by shannonclark on June 12, 2002

Salads are yummy.

Last night I prepared what I think will quickly become a signature dish for me – possibly what I will bring to the next potluck I attend. A salad of mixed greens, vine ripened tomatoe, pecans, yellow raisins, and a purple onion in a balsamic vinagrette dressing prepared with extra virgin first pressing olive oil and basil.

Onto this salad after it was well tossed, I added lobster pieces (well fake lobster pieces) which I had cooked in a sauce of – olive oil, garlic powder, cinnamon, worchester sauce, and korean barbeque sauce with some chili peppers.

A very tasty salad with a nice mix of sweet, hot, and tangy – it needed just a touch of salt and pepper and was then extremely tasty – so tasty in fact that I may make another variation of it for my dinner tonight.

I enjoy cooking – it is a fun and satisfying creative outlet – but I am torn because often eating out is one of my few social activities of the day. At least eating out I talk with someone other than myself, if only to order the meal. In the summer in my neighborhood there are lots of sidewalk seating at the local restaurants, often while eating there I see friends and neighbors.

Now back to work…


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