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Posted by shannonclark on June 14, 2002

Flag day.

I always remember Flag Day, because it is also always my sister’s birthday. This year I guess more people than usual remember the holiday, the Sun Times here in Chicago once again ran a center section with a pullout flag to be displayed.

The weather here is sunny, but still cool, not a bad mix at all, though I do not expect to spend a lot of time outdoors today. In a few minutes I will be running out for lunch and to prepare and send my sister’s birthday present. I am giving her a collection of spices, almost all stuff she requested: fine French sea salt and black peppercorns which were both requests. To that I added dried Jalapeno pieces since she asked for additional but unique dried hot peppers and some French seafood demi-glace – with recipies which I suspect she will enjoy preparing and cooking with.

Not much else today, I have lots of various items to take care of at the moment – mostly work related, but some personal, and I did not get much writing done last night. My plan had been to write for a few hours, but instead I caught up on my reading, which was useful but mostly work stuff, important but not very relaxing. Tonight I hope to get much more writing done, I am meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and hope to have a rewrite of a story he is helping me with to share with him – he gave me some very good critiques of what was a very rough version of the story, I have made many of the changes he suggested, but I have many more to go, and the story is not yet complete either.


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