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Posted by shannonclark on June 18, 2002

Tuesday, my birthday. I ate a very late dinner last night (well this morning as well), so my first minor celebration of my birthday was chatting with the people I know at the cafe where I ate, mentioned to them that it was my birthday.

As I did this, it was on my way out, the waitress said “You should have said something earlier, would have given you a dessert or a free drink.”

Perhaps, but somehow something with in me did not want that, on the one hand I certainly like getting free stuff, but on the other hand, much of the time I don’t take all the discounts I might be able to get, don’t strive for the free stuff I might be able to wrangle/pursuade someone to give me – and I am not sure why this is.

I have been thinking alot about my life, as I do always around my birthday. I have lived on my own for the past six years, literally with only a few weeks of exceptions I have spent every night alone in my apartment or condo. I wonder whether I am learning habits that will be increasingly hard to break in the future, all the little habits of life alone.

Life moves at very different speeds, somehow it feels as if for the past five years or more my life has been moving very quickly, lots of movement, lots of “stuff” that passes me by, but at the same time more undone than done in many respects.

Tonight I will be having dinner with my friend Mary Anne and perhaps her cousin. It is really great to have friends in town to spend time with.

This morning my very good friend Rebecca called to wish me happy birthday, not a bad way to wake up at all, but also bittersweet. She lives in New York now and now has a life seperate from me, a boyfriend of 8 months, a new car, and soon a new job. We are all I guess growing up and becoming adults.

More later I hope, the sun is out, the weather is nice, for my birthday I plan on a nice tasty not too rushed lunch.


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