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Posted by shannonclark on June 21, 2002


The start of a busy weekend, and the continuation of a busy week – a very fun and good but busy week.

Last night I attended a party by a group called EuroCircle – interesting crowd, for future reference, parties with a bunch of Europeans don’t really get started until late at night and many hours after they were scheduled to start – next time, eat first, then go to the party. But I had a good time and ended the evening with a nice dinner and conversation with a friend.

This weekend I will be very busy, which is a good thing – just don’t quite know when I will get various errands I need to complete finished – but better that than nothing to do. What I am enjoying about this fairly sudden shift in my life (from very solitary to not so solitary much of the time) is that I am keeping up with my other tasks, still have time alone, but have been spending more time with friends both old and new than I have in many months – we’ll see how the rest of the summer goes, but it is off to a great start.

I was up very early this morning to watch the US vs. Germany game – sorry to see that the US lost, but it was a fun game and they played well. What’s more, it was a weird experience of watching it alone, but not alone. During the intermission, I went down the street to get coffee and something for breakfast – I was not alone, there was a mini rush at Seatle’s Best as others who were watching the game as well also ventured forth for coffee – it was fun to hear people around me talking about the game and watching it – a communal experience, but still one I spent at home going through my morning routines etc. I bought some Bananna bread from a local bakery, very good – I’ll probably bring it to Mary Anne’s potluck on Sunday if I have not finished it by then.

Off now to try to focus on some work items for the afternoon – have some calls to return, people to track down and catch up with, and some writings I have been promising myself to finish but have not – which I need to get done.

On the writing front, I had an observation recently, one which I may serious explore in a new piece of writing. My generation, that is people born in the early 70’s (using micro-generations i.e. every 5 years or so) is probably the last generation that seriously remembers an assumption that the world would be destroyed in World War III. I remember childhood fantasies of how I would survive a nuclear attack, how to forage and scavenge items, I remember the seeming inevitability of war in the future, war that would blow everything up.

Not really all that positive perhaps, but my observation is that this changed somewhere around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall etc – we are now living in a very different world, still have plenty of scary elements, but that the nightmares and futures of today’s children are different than those of my generation (or at least specifically me).

I’m not sure how I will incorporate this thought into my writings, but something along these lines may in fact help inform and characterize my primary character in my novel, who is of a similar generation to myself – and who through the time travel in my novel has yet another unique perspective on the changes in popular culture and popular assumptions about the future (and about the past).


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