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Posted by shannonclark on June 23, 2002

Writing here, not writing there

Just got back from Mary Anne’s potluck – lots of fun, great food, wonderful conversation, great people – and I am feeling inspired to write – so while this is indeed writing, it is not that productive of writing, so I will try to leave here quickly, take a computer with me (here is my office – have I mentioned I almost never access the web from home these days – not sure if this is a good or a bad habit of mine, at least not access via anything other than my cell phone, which severely limits the usability)

Tonight I want to really write – I promised myself I would write some yesturday, but that did not in fact occur – not for any great reason other than I got distracted on the Internet (hey, it happens).

I want to write a story, not just thoughts or note or ideas, but actually try to write a idea, complete with the building up of tension from the beginning to the end (and with an end, this is very important, many things that I write do not have ends, at least not yet – I tend to write them as if a play, writing the scenes one following the other without knowing precising where it is all leading or where it will end up.

In conversation this afternoon I also mentioned my desire to turn the novel I am working on into a movie script – this may in fact be a highly productive approach for me to start taking – it forces me to cut the scenes to their essenses, and it will force me to resolve the dilemnas that I have set up – and I think that the movie as whole would be both and interesting story, visually attractive, reasonable to actually film, and compelling as a story arc. I mentioned that the trailers would be an element that I would also write – I think that this is, perhaps, where I will start – writing the trailers.

In the course of seeing the movie, the trailers would probably all be shown prior to the start of the film – they would each offer something about what is going on, and would drop hints of what is to come, but they would very importantly all be original scenes and viewpoints, they would not be showing parts of the film before people saw the film itself.

Not because my film will have only a few key scene, or that my film would have “secrets” but rather because I feel this is the way to tell stories – not to let the punchlines (visual and/or verbal) out before telling the story.

Also I believe strongly in the concept of “in situ” scoring, that is, anything that the audiance is hearing corresponds with songs or sounds that the characters are hearing – so rather than be a soundtrack over the story, the music is a crucial part of the tale.

This, in the case of my novel, will allow me to have some very cool combinations of sounds – from techno/alt-rock in my modern sections, to hippie music in the sections in the 60’s, to great bands and other old classics for the scenes in the 1940’s, to live music of various ethnicities in the 1870’s (the fiddler playing while a fire rages is an image I can see),

Well more on that when I have written it – my goal tonight is to write a standalone tale, or at least a self-contained one, possibly as part of something else I am wroking one, but possibly just all by itself.


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