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Posted by shannonclark on June 25, 2002


Well last night I read an interesting story by Nancy Kress which I got from SciFiction. On the website it is spread over two pages, so I printed it out and read it over my late night dinner.

In printing it, I printed the first page, then the second page (which were each many paper pages long). Because of this the second page came off the printer on top of the first. Not noticing this, I stapled it and left my office.

I mention all of this because the second half of the story was better, I think, than reading the first and second parts together. What was eluded to and hinted at, ver well I thnk, in the second half, was in fact covered in great detail in the first half.

It is an interesting observation for me – may tell something about my changing tastes, but the second page worked extremely well for me because it just lept right into the middle of the story and then pulled you along (with some minor rough patches), there was much to “figure out” but it was all clear in the end, and then final end hinted (but did not reveal) at some very neat ideas about Alien/Human contact.

It makes me wonder whether I should do something similar myself, take a story that I think is complete and look to lop off the beginning – or at least consider starting the tale later in the story.


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