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Posted by shannonclark on June 25, 2002

Late nights, random thoughts

Well I am here at the office til too late once again. Not a great habit that I am, certainly not getting much written of my own since after I leave here in a few minutes, I will have to get dinner and get home (walking). I have food at home, but at this hour I am so hungry I will probably stop somewhere on the way so as to eat that much sooner, with this late hour (almost 10:00pm) that means that I will probably be eating so-so take out chinese, not the healthiest food around.

Why do I do this?

For one, it is quiet here at night, and I get a fair amount done (though tonight that meant playing games – but it was all in the name of research, really). I am serious about that, I am helping a friend who may be starting an gaming company, so tonight I was researching an online game site (well a couple of them) – I even wrote up my analysis for him in a long email.

One reason I stay late is that I arrive late.

I arrive late because I wake up late.

I wake up late because I go to sleep late (okay, early in the morning).

I go to sleep late because I was not tired, often because I had too much food and coffee too late at night.

I eat so late at night because I don’t get out of the office until late – and so the cycle has started.

Last night I did, in fact a lot of stuff – I read hundreds of pages of government documents (okay, skimmed most of them). This I did at a local cafe (and yes, I drank coffee). I left there at around 2:00am, I then did my laundry at home and did not get to bed until around 4:00am.

This is a pattern I have often fallen into. I tend to stay up very late because I am in fact quite productive, especially from about 11:00pm until about 3:00am or so (less productive in the early evening for some reason). This means however, that I am usually not up very early in the morning.

On the otherhand, the earlier in the morning that I get up (and I mean actually out of my bed, showered, and out of the house) the more productive I tend to be – and the better I usually feel. My best days typically are days when I am up around dawn, actually eat breakfast, and get on with my day.

Clearly this does not work well when staying up and not getting to sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Probably there is a schedule for me that involves strategic napping which would work very well, but so far I have not found it.

When I do, I will share the secret…


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