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Posted by shannonclark on June 28, 2002

Fireworks part 1

Nope not that type of fireworks… I just sent out an invitation to bunch of my friends here in Chicago (and to a few who live nearby and might be lured to Chicago for a fun event) to join me in watching the July 3rd fireworks in Grant Park. Hopefully a number of people will be able to make it and join me in picnic, concert viewing, and fireworks gazing – along with about a million of our closest friends and neighbors.

Yes, it is a large crowd, but with a group it is a very fun experience.

I hope, however that it is not a repeat of one similar outing I planned the summer after my senior year in high school. A very large group of us made plans to go to the fireworks together, all told I think almost 30 peopel were expected. Would have been a great time and one of the last times the group of us from high school would do something together.

Would have that is… I did not make it, nor did a couple of my friends who also planned on going. We were all working as summer research interns at Argonne National labs (which was overall a very cool experience, I disassembled a particle accellerator, I helped with an accellerator run, and saw the famous white deer who live at Argonne).

Anyway, it was July 3rd and we were driving home from work, and Chad (the driver) ran a red light. In his defence, it was the second of two lights that were positioned immediately after each other in a rather odd location. We started what became a four car pile up. Miraculously other than Chad’s Ford Escort, no one was hurt.

It did make me a firm believer in wearing seatbelts, as without the seatbelt I would have flown into the windshield (and perhaps through it).

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, we missed the group outing as we were stuck in the police station waiting for Chad’s parents to pick us up. His car was completely totaled.

So, heres to hoping that history does not in the least repeat itself, rather, this time I am planning on a fun evening with friends in the park. Will be meeting the first group (early crowd) at 5:30 across from the old Goodman theater, we will then carve out a space in the field by the music shell and enjoy a picnic, the summer evening, and music and fireworks. I may, if I am brave and have brave companions, try to get some food from the surrounding Taste of Chicago, but may well forgo that “pleasure” if the crowds are as insane as they often are.


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