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Posted by shannonclark on July 1, 2002

A quiet hot weekend

For once my office’s ac is working, and just in time for a small heat and humidity wave here in Chicago. While it does sound as if something it hovering above my head waiting to take off, it is cool and fairly comfortable here in my office for once (which is not at all usual for this building).

This weekend was a quiet one for me, nothing much happened. I had a nice brunch and conversation with a friend on Sunday. We talked about writing and pieces we are both working on, as well as pieces by other friends, then our conversation continued into a technical discussion about some programming challenges, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

I wrote a bit this weekend, but not fiction. Instead I started a number of semi-technical articles, which are, however a productive use of my time to write. I need to write more stuff like this, and not just write it, but make it available on my corporate website as examples of the type of analysis and thought that I can apply towards a client’s problems – or at least that is the theory – we shall see what I in fact do with them. Mostly two seperate articles, one on the current state of AI research, and the other on a detailed analysis of one client’s technology and market opportunities – that I will probably not make public but may share with the client.

This week will be a quiet one for me I suspect, interupted by the holiday on Thursday, Friday will be a day when few people are at their desks. So while I will still make attempts at business sales calls and other business items, it is also a week for taking stock, for catching up, for getting ready for the rest of the summer.

One task I did accomplish this weekend was some grocery shopping, so this week I will be cooking most of my meals at home. Nothing too fancy, but perhaps my definition of “not too fancy” is a slight understatement. Last night I had two apple sausages (from a great somewhat local vendor called Amy’s, chicken and apple sausages, very yummy). I semi-steamed them on a pan for a few minutes to get them warm and plump. I heated up some applesause to serve over them, and I made a salad. The salad was boston lettuce (very nice) with apple, walnuts, raisons, and radishes (for future reference I would probably drop the radishes) with a balsamic vinager dressing – the combination of the apples and the balsamic vinager was very good. I added a touch of sea salt and it worked out very well.

Tonight I will probably make another salad (very similar, but may add a touch of lettuce) and finish the rest of the sausages. On Tuesday I plan on making some tuna salad to eat with some pita bread that I purchased, may also have some humus as well.

On Wednesday I will have my picnic for the fireworks here in Chicago – not sure what I will be bringing, still not sure how many people will be in attendance in our group. One item I have planned is a nostalgic summer snack – celery with peanut butter and raisons. Probably also something non-alchoholic to drink (but may have to watch that it is not in a glass bottle, I suspect that the Chicago police may frown on glass in the park this year). If the group is small, I will probably also bring something more solid to eat as well – but it has to be something that I can prepare Tuesday night and bring with me to work on Wednesday, which does limit my options somewhat. Also, because it will be a hot summer night I probably should avoid anything that would not do well in the heat, so no tuna fish and no chicken salad or the like. I may make a cold pasta salad (with no mayo, probably with a vinager base – with celery, onions, sausage, and perhaps cheese?).


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