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Posted by shannonclark on July 8, 2002


Last night, well this morning, in anycase – I stayed up until just before 9 this morning, I then napped for a few hours and dragged myself to work – not the most productive of days, but the night was productive.

I was up helping a very good friend prepare the first draft of her PhD dissertation. All weekend I had been reading sections of her work and offering my comments and feedback on them to her, last night and this morning we continued the process managing to wrestle the majority of her paper into a rough first draft – still lots of little typos to fix, and a handful of major items to add (tables in the right places, a few figures, and most time consumeingly her full bibliography).

She has been telling me about her research for over two years, and I have previously seen chapters and sections which she had written for various grant applications, but this weekend was my first chance to see the entirety of her work.

A very cool experience overall – felt very good to be able to help a dear friend when she needed me – and while I was not working on her stuff, I spent the night catching up on my own readings – read five of the many magazines that I have accumulated these past few months – in one I came upon an idea that may be able to help me save my company and offers me a whole new direction to expand into – so an article I am very pleased to have caught.

Now I am tired but pleased – after a quick (and small) dinner tonight I have a meeting with a business partner to work out some details of our arrangement – so all in all a good day – hopefully a sign for how the week will go.


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