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Posted by shannonclark on July 10, 2002

Whether weather wilts willing wills?

Weather these past few days has impeded on my life, at least to a minor degree. A few days ago it was a beautiful rainstorm that I stayed up and watched for a while – lightning that went sidewise across the sky – like something out of a cartoon. Last night it was surprisingly cool weather – I was in a short sleeve shirt, not a great one, the type you wear when laundry is a few days past needing to have been done, but given the high temps of late I assumed I needed it – as I walked home I was actually cool, even a bit chilly.

Not much else at the moment – my writing has been slow going of late – some great feedback from a friend on my novel, at least the first 40 pages, but now a lot that I need to rethink and reconsider on the basis of his comments and thoughts.

In theory, but so far at least not in practice, my office building was supposed to get a new AC unit this week, however I have not yet seen any signs that this is, in fact, the case – other than the total lack of AC here today.


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