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Posted by shannonclark on July 12, 2002

Knocking on the windows of a bus

Last night, I was walking home up Michigan Ave from Grant Park – where I had gone to SummerDance – and learned some Gypsy dances. The walk north from the Congress Hotel to the River was beautiful. It reminded me of why I love Chicago.

At the River, I decided to wait for the 151 bus to take me home, it was late, getting cool, and I had not yet had dinner.

A woman and I were the only people waiting at the bus stop at that hour. The stop is a fairly busy one, at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Wacker Drive, and lots of buses stop there on their way north, or in some few cases, as their northernmost stop.

A bus pulled up, mostly empty. It was not the bus either of us were waiting for, so the driver pulled a bit closer to the light and waited for it to change.

I looked into the bus, then approached and knocked on the glass.

Odd behaviour I know – but a good friend of mine, one whom, I had in fact been thinking about calling just earlier in the night, was seated, alone there in the bus.

He looked up, startled, looked over, and silently we waved hello at each other.

I smiled – the joys of Chicago are, that for a large city, it is very much like a village, after a time, you get to know people and meet them as you go about your day.

Eventually my bus came, I took it north to my stop, go off, walked a few blocks, stopped a local Chinese fast food place for take out garlic shrimp, and then walked home.

On the corner by my condo is a large Starbucks with outdoor seating. Seated there, as I approached, were friends of mine. They waved hello and I stopped to exchange greetings and catch up. One had just started a light snack (brought by yet another as leftovers). In an example of karma at work – or just how cool my friends are – he (the man with the food) offered one of the ribs to me to try. It was quite good.

So, I knocked on a window of a bus, and got food from friends – not a bad night.


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