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Posted by shannonclark on July 15, 2002

The one about the two Bulgarians in the Korean Karaoke bar

What, you haven’t heard this before?

Last night, I was reminded why I love Chicago, the US, and Globalism (technically it was early this morning, but I count darkness before I sleep as part of the evening…)

It was late, past midnight, and I was hungry, my quick errand to the office had taken longer than planned so I was left with only real late night options for food – and I did not have a taste for a 24hr diner meal, and though my initial plan was Mexican, I decided to drive up north and see if my favorite late night Korean place had reopened yet.

It has not – still recovering from a fire that devastated their kitchen months ago, which is a real lose to Chicago.

So, I was stuck looking for another place that was still open. I drove far north, trying to find one of two other places I have gone to in the past that have been open very late, one appears to no longer be there, the other no longer to be a 24hr place. So, I was turning around and heading home, when I saw what looked to be a Korean restaurant still open.

Parking my car, I wandered in.

It was a strange little place, more bar than restaurant, but the bartended/owner? was friendly enough and after I explained I wanted something spicy, agreed to prepare a spicy pork dish for me for take out.

While it was being cooked, I sat at the bar with two other customers.

One an older man, balding, but who did not look Asian (unusual for such a place), and the other a man whom I assumed from his looks was Indian. After trying to get me to attempt to sing (I declined) they resumed their conversation, in a language I did not recognize, but quickly realized was something Slavic.

After a while, we got to talking – turns out they were speaking Bulgarian. The man whom I had assumed was Indian was instead, half Bulgarian and have Honduran – his parents had met on a soccer field.

How cool is a city where in a Korean bar, late at night on a Sunday, you can meet such people? Gives me a great deal of hope and happiness.


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