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Posted by shannonclark on July 19, 2002


of the electrical type

This morning, at about 4:48AM (or so, basing this on my logs), the access box for the T1 to my office building failed. I think that a day ago it had gone to a battery backup, as power to the office where it is installed was cut by our landlord.

So, for about four hours this morning I could not recieve email, my website was offline (my corporate site), and who knows how my ongoing auctions on eBay and other matters were impacted.

All for a lack of power.

Annoyingly, the service provider did not call anyone, did not send anyone out to fix it, did not do anything to support (or even show that they noticed) the sudden drop in connection to one of their customers. (probably this is due to the fact that they are quiting the Chicago market in less than a month, but still it is highly annoying.


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