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Posted by shannonclark on July 23, 2002

Two rivals meet and say “Whats up”

Today after lunch I was witness to two rivals of business meeting.

A Pepsi deliverary crew was leaving the building – having delivered cases to the small newsstand, and a Coke delivery crew was entering, heading for the same storefront.

The two leaders of the respective crews greated each other with friendly “What’s up” and pressed flesh.

Amusing to see how the front lines of business are friendly – same job, two different firms, probably with similar routes.

Outside one truck was parked on the east bound street, the Coke truck on the north/south street – the Pepsi truck just behind a UPS delivery vehicle – the engines of commerce there before my very eyes.

Refreshing in a way to see real business still goes on as the news are full of the crashing stock market and scandals du jour.


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