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Posted by shannonclark on July 25, 2002

Books – serious and friendly

Mary Anne‘s new book is published!

Just got my copy from Amazon today – looks good (and once again water proof).

Also with my order, I got two books that are equally exciting to me (and this does indeed tell me something slightly worrying about myself – two books on computer science/math/statistics are as interesting as a book of erotica). Two books on the topic I have been spending the last two years researching and studying – finally after having plodded my way through hundreds of computer science papers, master’s theses, and PhD dissertations, I have a couple of books to read that can help me with the background detail I should have had years ago.

While I know that my own research has ventured into areas that these books do not fully cover, at the same time it will be helpful to have much more solid grasp of the underlying basics and see what directions I should explore in the future.

Anyway – my day to day will be spent helping a friend with her PhD thesis, getting a new bunch of auctions up, and trying to convince new clients to give us items to sell on their behalf.


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