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Posted by shannonclark on July 26, 2002

Birthday wishes, banana bread, baking and friends

Happy birthday Mary Anne!

Its fun to help friends celebrate their birthdays!

This morning I stopped at the bakery near my house, got there early enough to get a loaf of yesturday’s banana bread – which will now be a part of my breakfast/lunch, and likely snacks for myself and friends later tonight.

This weekend I will be cooking, but more unusually for me, doing a minor amount of baking – and not from a tube of dough, from actual flour, eggs, milk and butter! Should be fun – making one of my all time favorite dishes for Mary Anne’s brunch this weekend – “Pop’s Super-Colossal Popovers”

This will be a weekend of friends, from a friend’s call last night to, to meeting up with friends on Saturday at the bookfair and debates, to Mary Anne’s brunch, to this evening and Sunday evening helping a friend with her PhD dissertation – this will be a weekend of spending time with many and assrted friends – what better way to spend a summer weekend in Chicago?


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