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Posted by shannonclark on July 27, 2002

Books – yes more books – detecting a trend here?

Okay – I confess – I like books.

Always have.

My childhood is sprinkled with memories of books I read, books I books, afternoons I spent in libraries and bookstores, the chase for that one book I had not read yet – the hunt for a new author to read and enjoy.

So, I am a sucker for bookfairs – have to watch myself carefully.

I was good today – I only spent $6.50, and only bought 6 books (good prices!).

The coolest will remain a secret for the moment – a surprise for someone who will enjoy it.

But I did pick up a book edition of Fantasy & Science Fiction with short stories by Mike Resnick, Harlan Ellison, and Gardner Dozois among others – should be a fun afternoon’s reading.

With my new business of helping people sell via auctions – I look at bookfair and other sales with a new set of eyes – not just “do I want this” but “could I sell this?” – I was tempted, but have decided to pass, on a nearly complete set of LIFE magazines from 1940-1954 inclusive! (missing the one issue on Pearl Harbor).

While the collector in me, and the historian, would find many pleasant afternoons in looking through the photos and advertising in LIFE – the investor in me can’t see how to sell them for an easy profit – a hard profit perhaps, but only after many months of effort – and probably not much at that.

But I will keep hunting – and continue searching for sources of inventory – as well as items for my own personal collection (and for time to catch up on my now lengthy list of books waiting to be finished or even just started!)


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