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Posted by shannonclark on July 31, 2002

Mail, part 2 – and communications

Well, at lunch today I went to my local post office, waited, and filed a formal complaint about my mail service.

Surprise surprise, they had about 6 pieces of mail for me right then and there, and then this afternoon they delivered another 6 pieces of mail – including three bills we were waiting on (all lower this month than last – which is good). So that was probably worth spending some time on – now if only it also works with my personal mail at home as well.

On a related subject – I have noticed an odd trend of late – some number of people with whom I have corresponded for various reasons have simply not replied to email or messages I have left them. Not sure why, I hope it is not something I said or something in the manner in which I wrote, but it is disconcerting – a vague sense that people are not listening or don’t care.

In business this is, perhaps, what I have to overcome to be a great salesperson – much like a major league baseball player, it is all about the averages, and a great performance from a salesperson is on the order of one in five people getting back to you when you pitch to them.

In personal correspondance however, I would hope it is not like sales – though I guess when you are first meeting someone you are “selling” – selling yourself.

Friends of mine seem capable of engaging quickly in conversations with people met online or in person – in a manner and way that I seem unable to anymore – once I was, now it seems more difficult – for some reason more often than not my emails go unanswered.

Not sure why.


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