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Posted by shannonclark on August 1, 2002

More books – should I is the question

Okay, if you have read my journal before, you have probably figured out by now that I like books… though I have been relatively light in terms of how many books I have bought in recent years (it used to average well over a couple hundred a year).

This weekend, temptation strikes. It is a the annual Friends of the Oak Park public library book fair. I’m very tempted to go tomorrow night (which costs money to enter) – but lets you get the first crack at all the books (along with semi-crazed used book dealers).

If I go, what would/should I buy? I just bought a number of books at the Newberry library book fair last weekend, and I have a dozen or so others waiting to be read (some still from Wiscon of a few months back). There are only a handful of authors whom I know I am looking for more books by, and I do not really have that much time to read still more books (have to first catch up on what I have already bought).

But, that has not stopped me in the past, and probably won’t in the future.

Further, I may also buy some books to resell on eBay.

For the most part this would not be profitable – though the cost of buying them at the bookfair will be very low (under a $1.00 in most cases), most books don’t sell for much more than $10 on eBay – not really enough to bother with.

However, I could find some that would (a signed book for example, or a modern first edition by a collected author), or I could find books pulled aside for the silent auction or the collectibles table which might be worth considering reselling (a collection of old magazines for example).

Finally, I should probably go on Friday to talk with the many book dealers and collectors who will be there, many of whom could be possible clients for my auction services in the future.

Its a tempting thought, how to spend my Friday night – shopping for used books (and surrounded by 150,000+ books and lots of fellow book lovers and book nuts…. sounds like a great time.

had trouble posting this, originally written Thursday, Aug 1st in the morning, posting problems with it all day


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