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Posted by shannonclark on August 2, 2002

my sitcom idea

inspired by a real classified from Craig’s list

ISO flight attendant/pilot with a desire to get a free education

I am a student at a private college in Chicago. I also work for the school in an administrative capacity. My spouse and/or dependents may attend school for free. The student pays for books only. This means that my spouse may attend school in pursuit of any degree(s) she desires.

You should know that I am gay. This should mean nothing to you if you understand that I am only interested in helping you obtain a college education.

Marry me and go to school for free.

Marry you and I fly for free.

I have a co-worker (female) who is willing to do the same thing. So if you have a male friend let us know.

Our school does not recognize domestic partnership.

Please have some seniorityI hate to wait(laugh)

Okay, so here is the concept (one or two perhaps?) couples – attending college and working there in a menial capacity, married to flight attendants (possibly for a foriegn carrier and/or a really cheesy one – flying to all kinds of obscure and offbeat places) who enter into this arrangement.

Clearly not a serious concept – but come on, there are lots of amusing possibilities here… of course not dissimilar to past successful comedies like “Three’s Company” but heck, nothing is ever really new, with an element of “Wings” (I think that’s the title – the one set in an obscure little airport about an odd little airline).

Anyway, my amusing thought for the day. Not something I ever really have considered writing – but you know, that might be a darn good reason to try.


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