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Posted by shannonclark on August 3, 2002

And now for your local neighborhood beaucracy with a Landlord thrown in for good measure

Power is back… if just temporarily. Later in the week Com Ed will be putting up a new pole with new transformers – and will then be moving us from the temporary powertruck to the new transformers.

This means ANOTHER power outage in the future…. lets see how they do with telling us about that one.

Monday I will start filling the paperwork about this outage.

Looks like some damage to my various computer systems (hopefully all recoverable – will know more by next week). I may have one damaged monitor (a spare, but still a very nice monitor), my phone system seems slightly out of whack, and my server took some handholding to get back up (and I had to comeb back to the office after 2:00am to restart the server.

My neighbors in the building may not be as lucky – we will learn more on Monday (but what a “surprise” it will be to return to the office after a weekend to learn that your computers as acting up because no one told you that Com Ed would be cutting the power to your building in the very very near future.

Most worrying is whether or not I lost customers – either for my auctions (or auction services) or for my regular consulting services. In general Friday night is a light traffic and email day for us – however all it takes is the right person taking a look to be a great deal of money for us. By being off line for nearly 7+ hours, who know what we have lost.

The monitor that seems damaged also smells like it nearly caught afire, had it – my losses could have been huge.

Finally, I have tenants that do things like forward phone calls from their clients (over my phone lines), as well as others who just share my phone system with me – they lost any calls that came in this evening – again most likely not that many – but possibly all it takes is that one right call that was lost or the client that was unimpressed by a phone with a fast busy to be a major lost in revenue (whcih we all need at the moment0.

I shall try to get some sleep and return tomorrow to work.


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