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Posted by shannonclark on August 8, 2002

Social life?

In a few minutes I am leaving for my second mostly social event in as many days – not my usual pattern at all, but a fun one!

Tonight I am attending an event at the Alliance Francais (where I can practice my highly rusty French), last night I attended an event by Eurocircle – a networking group for Europeans living in America – really an excuse for people to get together, mingle, drink, and meet – not at all a “business” networking event – but a fun event in any case – and one where I got to also practice my French (which is how I learned about the event tonight).

In any case, if this keeps up, a strong argument for me to enhance my social dress selection – getting a bit repetitious at the moment – though I was wearing a very nice new shirt last night – quite pleased with myself about that (great thrift store find – what was a very expensive shirt – hand wash only – that I found for nearly nothing – and which fit perfectly)

Not much else – trying to find people to sell stuff for at the moment.


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