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Posted by shannonclark on August 8, 2002

My french is not so bad…

Well, I held my own – a few fumbles, many questions about what word (or words) to use, and only a couple of major faux pas – good to see that all those many years of french classes did sink something into me – even it I never was very good, I can at least hold a conversation and express myself in complex thoughts – which is a very satisfying thing to be able to accomplish in another language – now if I could also listen to other people’s conversations and catch more than about 80% of them… (not to mention if I could listen to music in French and catch more than just a couple of words here and there… but since I have trouble with that in English – shouldn’t be surprised that I have trouble in French)

But for something I have barely used for almost 8+ years and even then only very basically in College so tack on another 3 years – it is good that as much stuck as it did… makes me consider whether or not to take some classes this fall at the Alliance Francais to keep up – at a minimum I think I will be attending a weekly French conversation group that occurs on Wednesdays not too far from my office. Should be good to get back in the habit of speaking another language (other than the Technogeek I speak all the time… which really should count as my second language pushing French to third and my smattering of German to fourth).


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