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Posted by shannonclark on August 14, 2002

La Nuit

The night

I walked back to my office this evening, returning here for a few minutes on my way home, and I noticed a number of unusual sights.

Tonight I attended “Le reunions Francophone” where I mostly sat and listened, spoke a little, and tried to follow the conversations all around me – enjoyable but also challenging. Perhaps however, a good practice in listening for me – albiet a listening where if I really wanted to understand what was being said completely I would have to interject from time to time with questions and requests for explications on certain phrases and words – I think I caught most of the conversations but I am also sure there were some sublties that I missed.

In any case, back to my walk over here.

The protester outside of the Chinese Embassy, who seems to appear there each evening had left when I again walked past that building on my way back this evening – not sure what she is protesting, but the same woman (though I have seen men there as well) takes up a position across the street from the embassy and just stands or sits there staring at the embassy building – a rather odd sight.

There were spotlights on my block this evening, but not for anything I can explain.

It was not for the nightclub on the corner, they seem to be closed this evening, nor for the very hip new steakhouse across the street – the place with 50 tables outside on the sidewalk (must have paid someone off for that).

Nope, it was for, I think, a restaurant in the middle of the block.

Whats odd is that they have been open for a couple of months now, and they did not seem to be particularly packed this evening, nor did they seem to be having anything special or unique – rather just seemed like their usual crowd.

In anycase, there were spotlights on my block tonight – and it was interesting to follow them up the edges of the buildings into beams shing first in four directions then combined into one beam piercing the night sky.


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