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Posted by shannonclark on August 15, 2002

Power, take 3

Or How I get to Enjoy ComEd’s Service

While out to grab a quick sandwich this afternoon, I stopped by the alleyway next to my office. It was blocked by two ComEd trucks working in the middle of alley.

Two weeks ago they suddenly cut the power to my offices, shutting my company down for the evening (no phones, no email, no website, no images on eBay auctions or this journal).

Now, it seems, they were preparing to have a repeat of two weeks ago. Without any notice to anyone in my building, they were going to shut the power to my building at 6:00pm tomorrow.

I have lots of calls into various ComEd folks (no response yet however).

We’ve now moved my servers to an out of the office server – which is an annoying process.

What really annoys me is how easily they were going to just shut the power off without telling anyone.

Last time, we discovered that none of the emergancy lights in my building work!

This time, at least, I will have all of my computers shut down and will be ready to go. However I am not happy at all about this enforced work stoppage, nor am I thrilled with the prospect of returning to my office for the THIRD Friday in a row to work on networking/connectivity issues…

Oh well, the joys of being a business owner.

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