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Posted by shannonclark on August 20, 2002

Busy week

Okay, tomorrow – if I am really good – I have a breakfast meeting to start my day – a presentation on the state of Venture Capital.

Then, in the evening, to bracket my day I am meeting with a PR person who has offered to help me publicize an event I am organizing for a business networking group (Ryze Mixer in Chicago). We will probably meet first at my office then walk over to the venue to meet with the bar’s owner.

Later still I will probably meet with a business partner and discuss ongoing business matters.

Somehow, amongst all this “business” meetings and talks, I also have one very major business proposal to write, one not as large (but possibly equally remunitive) proposal to write, a project to finish, and countless other minor tasks to complete – all tomorrow mostly.

And in my personal life – I want to write my fiction (yeah that’ll happen…) and I need to run many sundry errands to start working on my to do list (see my post from a week back about that…).

Ah life.

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