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Posted by shannonclark on August 23, 2002

More calls

or how some lucky telemarketer was my wake up call this morning

So, there I was, hovering in that stage of the morning where you are not still asleep, but neither have you gotten out of the bed and even the effort of hitting the buttons on the alarm clock to change from an alarm to the radio was about all you can think about.

There I was, then the phone rang.

I was expecting a call, it was just about 8:00am, and I was meeting a co-worker around 8:45 to drive to client for a meeting this morning.

Still groggy, I answered the phone “hello”

“Would you like the hear about MCI’s new phone plan “The neighborhood”?”

Yup. A telemarketer at 8:00am in the morning.

It was Friday, but still, imagine if it had been Monday?

I was not overly polite (but was reasonably) in my “nope, not interested” and hung up. At least they did identify themselves as being from MCI.

Still, it was a first for me – I’m basically in my condo only when sleeping, or about to sleep – I tend to get home around 10:00-11:00pm most nights (not all of which is straight from work) and I tend to leave the house around 9:00-10am in the morning (the perk of owning your own firm – setting your own hours) – so in general I am not there in “peak” telemarketing times, and not having caller id (why would I bother since I am never home to use it) I don’t see who has called but not left a message.

So, this morning I was wakened by the telemarker.

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