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Posted by shannonclark on September 9, 2002

Things I have observed

or some strangeness into my life did enter

Yesturday, the day after I said I was having a strange day, I indeed did have a strange couple of minutes.

It was about 9:30 at night, I went out, having realized that I had not yet eaten dinner, probably should get something small, but did not feel like cooking what I had around the house.

So I went out, planning on walking to a local Chinese takeout to get something small. On the way there, while crossing the street, I noticed a baby’s pacifier lying on the street in the curb. “Odd” I thought, and then went in to order my Lo Mein noodles.

After waiting for them to cook, and then getting my request for a pair of chopsticks translated into an actual set of chopsticks being put into my bag, I left.

I crossed the street, on the kitty corner from where I had seen the first pacifier, I saw another, different pacifier, also lying on the ground.

Realizing that I was limited in what was in my house to drink, I stopped into the Walgreens on the corner to buy some soda before heading home to eat. Having picked up my caffiene free diet coke (I’m being good) and one small bottle of a new flavored pepsi (not so good), I waited in line to pay.

The woman ahead of me had just one item she was buying, looking a bit hassled as she did so.

It was a sealed, new pacifier.

I briefly considered telling here “I know where you could get two of those cheap…” but I resisted.

Still, an altogether strange few minutes.

After finishing my Lo Mein noodles later that I night, I got the following fortune “ A beautiful, smart, and loving person will be coming into your life“.

Let’s hope that fortune indeed comes true!


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