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Posted by shannonclark on September 19, 2002

Planning and some concerts next week

Or who do I go to these concerts with?

Two years ago my Mom and Dad gave me a great present, a pair of tickets to a concert series “Classical Encounters” co-sponsored by WXRT and the CSO (WXRT for non-Chicagoans is perhaps the best local to Chicago Rock Station), the CSO is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

It was a really great present and a lot of fun to go to, there was a pre-concert wine and cheese event with a discussion about the upcoming concert. All in all a really great way to spend an evening, and one that I shared with a dear friend.

So, this afternoon, they called me here at work to see if I was interested in going again this year. This year they have changed it from a year long program to two programs, one in the fall and one in the spring. My mom had offered to buy the tickets for me again, and she was here this afternoon when they called, so she baught them for me!

As a promotion they also included tickets to the “Blind Boys of Alabama” concert on Tuesday (and the first concert is this Thursday).

So, next week is my “go to the CSO” week…. but I don’t have anyone definite to go to these concerts with…

It is somewhat short notice, but I will be asking some of my friends whether they want to go (first one who says “yes” for a given night gets to) – but really, these are the perfect type of night to go to with someone on a date – a little wine and cheese and conversation time before the concert, a great piece of music performed by some of the top musicians in the world, and then perhaps a late-night snack/coffee somewhere afterwords and more conversation – all in all a great way to spend a Thursday evening (or in next week’s case a Tuesday evening as well).

So, my current goal in life, besides my writing goals, is to go to at least one of the five concerts with a real, honest to god, date.

Criteria: An intelligent, single female, interested in possibly dating me.

Not too much to ask I hope.

I’ve basically never been set up on a “blind date” before in my life – that would be fine – or a date with someone whom I know would be fine as well.

Not that going with a friend would not be fun – it would be, it would be a lot of fun, but I also really do want to go on an actual date or two this year…. (okay, more than two)


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