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Posted by shannonclark on September 23, 2002

The future, today, and the past

and oh yeah, have I mentioned recently that colds suck?

This is my social week – or at least it could be.

Tonight was an event that I organized for a business networking group that I am an active member of – not too bad, over 60 people attended tonight’s event, though in total the event was a bit smaller than the second one – but still, feels great to have people complimenting you and your event all night long – feels really really good in fact.

Tomorrow night, and again Thursday night I have concerts to attend at the CSO (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) – this is very cool, though at the moment I only have a date for Thursday night.

But – yes, I, I have a date for Thursday night. With a woman. Whom I met, actually, at a networking event. Whom I have since met a few times in group settings and have talked with. Whom after I emailed her the invitation, gave me her home phone number and with whom I spoke this evening! (This is all very unusual for me – especially the part of a single woman giving me her phone number… and then agreeing to a date with me – just not a common occurance – though it would be more common if I asked more woman for their phone numbers… not something I do all that often.)

Anyway, so that’s Thursday – a date with a very beautiful, and very smart woman – we’ll meet at the CSO, attending a free wine and cheese pre-concert discussion, and the attend a performance conducted by Barenbaum of Music of Spain – very cool. After which I will drive her home.

But, tomorrow night, tomorrow night I do not have anyone to attend the concert with. Most likely I’ll end up going with my friend and employee – Lyle, who is a big fan of the group that is performing – but not at all my first choice. Not that Lyle is not a good friend, he is a very good friend – but I’d prefer to go to a concert at Symphony Hall with an attractive woman.

So that is this week’s future, and a bit of the immediate past. So far at least not a bad week – though there is much more to come.

Tomorrow I have to split my time between to different clients, and three different projects – that is a good thing, but also a recipe for a slightly crazy day, since I have still other work to do as well…

Wednesday may be a slight breather – nothing much scheduled other than one call with a client in the afternoon. There is a conference going on at McCormick place all week that I really should attend – at least to walk the exhibit hall – if I can find the time and energy to do so I will – probably on Wednesday – hopefully in the morning – go there straight from my house on the bus and then bus or cab back to the office in the afternoon – while having my call with the client that afternoon sometime as well.

Thursday and Friday – don’t yet know my plans – I have some work for various clients to work on (about 5 hours of my time this week), as well as hopefully much more of my time on another new project for a client – that’s what tomorrow’s meeting is all about.

And somewhere in the midst of all of this, I have to get rid of this cold that hit me on Sunday – the type of cold that mostly prevents you from moving your head in ways that change the elevation of your nose (leakage being an issue) – at the moment it seems to be somewhat going down, but whether that is the decongestant that I am taking – or whether it is really getting slightly better, or at least different I do not know. But I do know that I am not all that hungry at the moment (good for my diet) but also that it is draining me, and my voice.

I only hope that by Thursday I am much improved – having a cold on a first date would not be a good thing… (First date in that other activities we have both been present at have been group events where we entered and left not with each other).

She is very much “my type” – very attractive, but not in a ditzy blonde sort of way, and very intelligent – has an engineering degree and speaks three languages – and though she lives here in America now, is not American (also typical for me).

Less typical – at least to all appearances, she is, in fact, interested in men. And is also, it appears, single.

Whether my language skills in French (her first language) are sufficient for her and I to start something – still to be determined, though I am not terrible (not real great either, but I am at least comprehensable). It will be very good to spend some time with her and find out more about her, her interests, and her dreams – and to see where things may go from there.

So, a good week so far – now if only I can land some as of yet unseen new business, make some real money, get paid for my past work and debts, and have a great date on Thursday – if only…


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