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Posted by shannonclark on September 26, 2002

a quick observation about phone calls

and calls to family and loved ones in particular

While racing back to my office this afternoon for a few hours of hurried typing and returning of emails (very very busy day – with much more to go) I observed something interesting.

A woman, young – probably in college, was sitting across the aisle from me, against a window, and having a conversation on her cell phone.

It started with “I spent the night there last night”, then continued “Yes, they were there, but we’re not in high school anymore – so no more sneaking around”

Later I observed that her tone of voice was such that it was clear that she was talking with her mom, about having spent the last night at her boyfriend’s house, probably one who still lives with his parents.

Just an interesting conversation to overhear on the El – but what I observed, that I have in the past as well, is that even before someone says something like “no mommsy” or the like you can usually tell when someone is talking with a close family member (or a lover – though sometimes that is a still differrent tone of voice) – in that people seem to revert to a more childlike, and more expressive speaking manner – emotions – both good and bad seem stronger and more clearly pronounced.

I also observed that the woman seated next to the one with the cell phone seemed very uncomfortable by the whole conversation – which was rather loud – and to a point rather explicit – the woman with the cell phone commented multiple times that she needed sleep… implying strongly that much more than “sleep” occured last night. The woman on the cell phone was very relaxed, her legs curled up against the seat and window before her, the woman next to her – in contrast – was seated with a straight rigid back looking straight ahead.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about how the woman with the cell phone had left this morning – “I went to hug him, he went to kiss me, and we bumped heads” – a very cute image.

I think he then called her – but I am not sure, as right about then it was my stop and I was moving to the exit.

But a slice of life in the city.


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