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Posted by shannonclark on September 30, 2002

To a good week, and better habits

Okay, today is a day for some really bad habits of mine, but perhaps counteracted by some hopefully good new ones.

First the bad, I pulled an “all nighter” – yup, like many a night back in college I was up all night – this time working on a proposal for a client.

It is not quite as bad as it sounds, Sunday I did sleep in until nearly 12:30, so I was already opperating on a slightly off-kilter sleep schedule, and my afternoon and evening were rather quiet. Mostly I ran some minor errands, and then got back to my building for a reception after the funeral of one of the coolest people in the building – died rather suddenly at age 64 from advanced cancer.

After that reception, I rested and thought for a while in preparation – finally around 12:30am I showered and changed into fresh clothes, left the house, and went to a 24hr diner, where I sat for two hours writing out the proposal on paper, and virtuously only had two cups of coffee and ate some fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

Then I arrived here at my office, and spent the early morning writing up the proposal – not half badly if I do say so myself.

That’s that bad habit – staying up really late to finish things just in time.

Now for the good, virtuous new habit. This morning, after sending out drafts of the proposal to a few people to look over quickly, I walked home (1 mile), changed, and then exercised for 20 minutes – just on a stationary lifecycle machine, but still enought o break into a sweat, and it was according to the machine 5+ miles uphill so I did burn some calories and do some real exercises, before showering I did about 25 situps/crunchs – yeah, not a whole lot, but still more than I usually do.

My goal is to get into a habit of using that room for 20-30 minutes each morning – I listened to NPR while I cycled so the time passed rather quickly – better to do this than waste that time lounging in bed.

So one good new habit hopefully, but sparked by a continuation of a bad old habit… not sure if this progress or not.


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