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Posted by shannonclark on October 1, 2002

A question

Or something I’m wondering about at the moment…

I’ve been writing this journal now for a few months, it is enjoyable and helpful to me – but other than a couple of friends who have mentioned to me in passing that they noticed something on my journal, I do not really have a sense of how many people – or who – have found me and are reading about my life.

Not that I have done much to announce the existance of this site – other than a couple of links (and a few friends who link to me) – and I guess I am not sure why it matters – but I am interested to know who is reading my journal.

So, if you care to – please post a comment to this post, or you can email me privately – I’m curious who you are, how you found my journal, whether my rambling prose is interesting (or just rambling).



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