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Posted by shannonclark on October 11, 2002 Screening Room

“much like you were in the sack Freshman year” – as a quote amusing, but also I think, a bit disheartening for some people such as myself…

What do I mean by this? Well, though the reviewer does hint that people talked more about sex than actually had any, he still implies that most people in the end did. For those of us who did not – another not-so-fun reminder…

And it makes me worried still – will I ever be good at something I have so little practice at?

But still – sounds like a fun, but very dumb, movie… and a reminder of just how stupid American censorship of TV is… such a film would be much improved, I suspect, were the cameras (and scriptwriters) not compelled to limit themselves to fit basic cable.

Personally I do suspect that our culture’s avoidance and celebration of certain topics at the very same time is not a very healthy thing.


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