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Posted by shannonclark on December 11, 2002

On the cool things money can buy you

at least on the web if you are spending it on design and applications

Check out – perhaps the most detailed, most interactive, and frankly one of the coolest online advertising (or not) sites I have seen in a really long time.

In Shockwave they have implemented basically the Sims – you can create a persona, build a “studio” (which you pay for with virtual currency – “decibals”) and chat online in a 3d vr space.

They have also built a web based music mixing board where you can mix your own music, save it, and them make it available for people to hear and vote on (for which you get more decibals).

All this is tied into offline advertising in the form of bottlecaps on marked bottles of coke products.

Decibals can also be exchanged for entries into contests – a small number of decibals for small prize, large for entry for bigger prize. The drawings are held frequently but with staggered starting times so you have a reason to go back to the site.

They have other activities as well – games and the like – all pretty cool stuff, quick to load, easy to navigate, simple to use and well described with a lot of help.


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