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Posted by shannonclark on December 16, 2002

My day, tomorrow, the holidays

or the joys of owning a business, and the pains

Today has been a mostly good day, if a bit cold, as I have spent the whole day nearly fully billable working on projects for two different clients – this is goodness – especially if they pay quickly (and by the end of the year!)

On the other hand, I am also working to get attendance up for a networking event I am organizing tomorrow – if I don’t I may lose a real amount of money on the event – which would suck. (if you are in Chicago and want to attend, RSVP on but register quickly the event is tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 17th).

The holidays are always a mixed time for me, all holidays are. On the one hand I enjoy giving presents to my friends and family (something I cannot do this year – severe lack of funds). On the otherhand, they are a constant reminder of my single status – that I do everything in life, holidays included, basically alone. Sure, sometimes I am out with friends, or have dinner with my parents, but most of the time I am alone, and I am alone every night and at most meals.

While I have adapted to this – in the way of any oft lazy bachelor – I am also certain that this is not my best or most comfortable mode of living. I crave regular human contact, I crave simple normality of being a part of a relationship.

It seems so easy for so many people – in the course of knowing one friend (for just a couple of months) – he has had more relationships and more dates than I have had in the past 10 years. Rather depressing actually.

This Thursday I once again have tickets to the CSO, and once again I do not have anyone to go to the concert with – not even a glimmer of a possibility in fact.

If someone wanted to get me the perfect present it would not be money, it would not be clients who pay on time (though that would be nice) – rather it would be to set me up on a date. With a woman. Intelligence and proximity preferred (in Chicago is best).

In my 28 years I have been on essentially one blind date in my life – and that was more of a group thing than anything else, and it was about 5 years ago for just one night.

If you are thinking about doing this for me – a few hints. One, a woman who would call me is very good – I’m an idiot with little experience with dating – don’t know when/if/how to call – so make it easier for me, call me first. Two, someone who realizes that I may not take hints very well and just will up and tell me things directly – if you wait for me to make the first move I’ll over anlyze it, not do it, and regret it for a very long time. Three, someone smart and interesting with a passion and drive – should probably be willing to listen to me from time to time, but have lots to tell me about as well.


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