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Posted by shannonclark on December 27, 2002

Pepys Diary

For the new year – a bit of the very old year… I for one plan on reading and at times perhaps contributing towards the annotations. Pepys diary is a primary source I had planned on using in my own BA thesis (still unwritten alas) and will likely be included as a source in any eventual MA or PhD thesis that I write (in history at least).

It seems likely that I may eventually pursue two very different degrees – my current programming work would prepare me for an advanced degree in Computer Science of some form – might be worth doing someday. Additionally my fantasy has always been to finish a PhD in history and then to retire as a teacher of history and a writer of popular history – but having enough resources on my own to essentially opt out of the politics of academia for the most part (i.e. endow my own chair or some such if it came to that).

I do also consider from time to time whether a business degree (perhaps an MBA) would be of some use to me – though I doubt it for the most part – the school of starting and running my own business likely has and is teaching more than any classroom environment ever would.


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