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Posted by shannonclark on January 5, 2003

More on reunions

Okay. Now I have to brace myself for months of televised coverage of my high school.

Yup, OPRFHS (I’m class of 1991) – I knew about this months ago, but now that the show is about to be broadcast I’ve looked into it.

Turns out at least a few of the people involved I know (not well) – and some were, in fact, members of my class, the class of 1991 not the class of 1992. Not sure why they were selected (okay, Maya is perhaps one of the most beautiful woman who attended my high school – clearly that probably played a part).

It is interesting to look at the WB discussion boards – many of the people posting are people I know (I’m guessing) at least from the names they are using and ways in which they are writing.

Very strange. Quite surreal.

Not sure if i like or dislike this brush with fame. But I do know that I plan on taping the shows, all of them, and watching it. Very odd behavior for me – not my usual behavior at all, but I do feel this strange curiousity about my class – and more so, about how my school will be viewed and covered in the popular media in the months to come (if at all).


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