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Posted by shannonclark on February 4, 2003

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all in a days work

It has been a while since I posted something personal here.

Very busy year so far – busy and potentially very good – but hard to say at the moment.

Lots of possibilities – nothing yet definite however. My various networking is starting to pay off – some consulting possibilities, some serious software sales possibilities, some project possibilities – lots of possibilities – nothing definite and nothing which pays my bills yet.

At the same time, partners of my company are starting to require more of my time as well (which could be a good thing – but still up in the air).

On a personal note, lots of friends – nothing romantic however – the story of my life.

Last night I took myself to go see Adaptation – very good film, if a bit hollow and unsatisfying by the end. Fun, and I was somewhat inspired to write after seeing it (not a bad thing at all).

So tonight, I plan on taking my laptop home with me for the first time in a very long time – and after I grab something small and quick for dinner, I plan on sitting in a cafe (probably Starbucks) and write.

Good news – I’ll be writing.

Bad news – my plan is not to write my fiction, but instead to write a presentation that I need to complete by the end of the week on software my company has recently developed. Not that exciting in some respects, but amazingly so in many others – done well it could be the launching point for my own success! Three years after starting my company I may finally be on the verge of something really good – both technically and financially.


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