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Posted by shannonclark on February 17, 2003

a piece of writing may be up soon

well it is non-fiction and unpaid – but still, it is a solicited contribution to a high volume, high traffic website run by someone I respect and admire – and who’s print publication I have been following for years – so pretty cool. More when I know that the article is going up. It’s just about 600 words – so not very long – but on a topic I have been thinking about for many months.

In other news, I am also talking with another online correspondant about writing an article – we just went through 8 rounds of emails as a followup to two rounds of posts on the same subject – very calm, cohesive, and interesting posts back and forth. In the end, we arrived at what I think is a very cool vision of the future, and one which might address a real problem online.

So, we are going to start talking about taking our mishmash of notes and emails and writing them up as an article of some form – where we will then look to publish it I do not know – but I think that it would be good content for any number of online (or off line for that matter) magazines. Again, non-fiction, very business oriented, and semi-technical (though not all that technical – it is more about the business aspects of online content publishing).

In fact, I may suggest it to the same venue that might publish my first piece – or more ambitously to the editor’s print publication for which it might be even better suited.

So all in all a good day for me from a writing perspective.

(oh, did I mention here yet that the Webrats invited me to join them… very cool – more on that shortly)


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