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Posted by shannonclark on February 21, 2003

Has Slashdot Changed?
or have I?

Today on Slashdot there is a very active (over 700 messages at last count) discussion on “What would you tell your nerdy 12 year old self?” most of the advice being something along the lines of “play sports and have sex.”

Okay. First – When did the Slashdot audiance because Sports players? Something has changed.

Second – “have more sex” all well and good – but also, what universe were these people in? Certainly not the one that I live in.

At age 12 I was just entering high school (yup, skipped a grade, does that to you) – I was 12 as a Freshman, 16 as a senior – turned 17 a few days later). Certainly interested in sex, but had no opportunities throughout all of high school (and not really any in college for quite a while either).

So, what advice would I give my 12 year old self.

1. Graduate early – but then take time off, perhaps one maybe two years – spend it traveling and/or studying abroad.

2. Entering college at a more regular age (18 or 19 instead of 17) perhaps the whole experience would have been a richer and better one.

But on the whole topic of sex – tough one, hasn’t gotten any easier for me yet.


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