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Posted by shannonclark on March 17, 2003

A weekend
weather permitting

This weekend I accomplished a few minor things, one semi-major one, and enjoyed a bit of the wonderful weather here in Chicago.

First the simple things, a list, mostly for myself. I finished a number of magazines that had been piling up (this week’s The Week and Business Week, the New Yorker, Strategy+Business) – that was mostly Friday Night, some Saturday, a bit on Sunday. I read “Have Trenchcoat, Will Travel” a novella by E.E. “Doc” Smith published by Advent Press of Chicago, I have not yet finished the three short stories also in the book, will read some of them this week as bedtime reading. I also started “>Free Live Free by Gene Wolfe which my friend Derek highly recommended that I read.

I read the first 200 pages or so last night (started at around 8 finished around 11, yes I read really really fast). It is very cool so far, and I am sure that I will enjoy finishing it, hopefully later tonight.

On the less optimistic side however, I susepct that there are strong echos in the work of a story that I have been and am working on – so it is a book I am reading somewhat bittersweetly, on the one had I am really enjoying Gene Wolfe’s writing – which is much stronger and better than I seemed to remember it from the other books of his that I think (assume?) I have read – I’ll probably start a bit of a minor Gene Wolfe kick later this year. On the other hand, it is somewhat discouraging to see someone tae a story not that far removed from one that you have been thinking about and do something far better than your version of it, but perhaps I can think of it as a challenge – here is one path to a story, let me find another and different one (his I think involves fairies of a sort, which is not a part of my novel).

I also spent some time on Sunday night working, wrote up specs for a project that hopefully will be starting later this week. On the plus side this means a small amount of revenue (hopefully) and some potential future revenue, but it is not a big project and my piece is really quite small – still work is work.

This week I have many diverse goals – some personal, but most business. First, I want to organize and clean up my spaces – too many piles, too high of a chance that somethign important is being overlooked in the midst of one of the piles. Second, I want to keep catching up on my reading lots of books I have aquired recently which I want to read… that’s the fun stuff, probably will read William Gibson’s new book later this week.

On a business front, I hope to launch fully my new software product later this week – that means that we will be open for business, able to take sales of the software online – and that means that I will be starting to publicize and push the software. I also plan on starting to contact lots of people about the software and see what happens. I also need to set a time for a Ryze mixer later this month, and to start the push for the mixer in April (April 29th, Mike Tanner of the Chasm Group will be speaking – contact me for details).

This means that much of my time this week will be spent on sales calls, and in writing up sales related materials – website content, updated presentations, help text, and other details – lots of writing and design work ahead of me this week – should be fun when it is all done but a lot of work until it is. I’ll also be having to make lots of sales calls, something I am not that good at doing – but I’ll keep getting better as the weeks go on.


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