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Posted by shannonclark on March 21, 2003

On the updating of contacts
or how to keep in touch with too many people

Well this morning I installed and ran Plaxo. Plaxo was founded by one of the former founder of Napster, it provides a free service to help you update your contact database. More specifically, it is a plugin to Outlook (other systems planned) which then will send out an email to people in your contact database, and will provide them a means of updating your data themselves via an email to Plaxo (unique email address contained in the email your send out).

Useful, if not without flaws.

One, especially if you have lots of addresses, it is all to easy to send it to address that are not reasonable to update in this manner – i.e. mailing lists, customer service email addresses etc – I tried to be careful but I appear to have missed four or so address like that.

Two, not everyone who is in your address book may want to update you with their current information. In at least one case I recieved a nasty email back claiming that my email was spam, claiming that he did not know who I was (when, checking my records shows he is the one who had emailed me years ago in response to a letter of mine that had been posted in an online newsletter, but since his email requested that I remove him from my address book and not email him again, I did so).

So, we shall see, hopefully by doing this I will have a cleaner addressbook, and more accurate contact info for my friends and business associates. Renewing lost connections is a very good thing, if this process helps with that, it will be an afternoon and weekend well spent.


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