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Posted by shannonclark on March 24, 2003 | Judgment day

Okay, a day for me linking to Salon. Another article in Salon which is close to my own position – especially with respect to how many in the “antiwar” movement seem to ignore the positives of our actions, namely the liberation and freedom that we are potentially bringing.

I am deeply encouraged that we are, it appears, fighting this war with a great deal of respect and care for the people on whose behalf we are fighting it, namely the people of Iraq.

However, unlike the author of this piece, I do not oppose this war.

And yes, I realize that this may cost me friendships, as most of my friends (and indeed family) are apt to be in the “No War” movement, in the “Peace” movement. And do not mistake me, I am not, by any means, a supporter or fan of George Bush.

But I am a supporter of America acting with strength to free oppressed people and of America acting to oppose Tyrants and dictators and supporters of Terrorism.

And though Saddam Hussain is by no means the only one in the world, he occupies a small and unusual group. And Iraq is an unusual situation.

For one, I have confidence in Iraq’s ability to proper as a free society. It will not be easy, but there is much to draw upon which can help a free Iraq grow. Not just oil, but the return of refugees and exiles, millions strong and many very well educated. The restoration of some of the most devastatingly hit environmental disasters (The marshlands of the Marsh Arabs in the South of Iraq are apparently almost 90% gone, the date trees of Basra as well).

Iraq is an ancient land, a crossroads of trade and culture. It is a land I have studied in history, albiet for the most part with a bit of remove. My focus was on the history of many of countries around and near Iraq – what is now modern Turkey (Byzantine and then Ottoman history) as well as the history of the Armenians. In the course of this I studied a great deal of the history of Persia, and then of the Muslim expansion and Arab culture.


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