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America’s Biggest Readers?

Posted by shannonclark on March 29, 2003

America’s Biggest Readers

1 book a week makes you a big reader? 2 books a week?

Heck, most years that would be a weekend for me, though the past three years as I have been working on starting JigZaw I have slowed down, probably to about 1-2 books a week average now (plus 5 magazines, 4-5 newspapers, 100+ pages of emails/day, and countless articles and websites… so perhaps not all that slowed down.

Most years of my life, however, I have read at a very rapid pace, usually reading some each day, but when I have blocks of time I tend to read multiple books, two or three books (or more) in a day is not uncommon for me.

And though I read quickly, I don’t “speed read” but I do average about 80 pages an hour or so.

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