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Posted by shannonclark on March 29, 2003

In which some editing is done

of my novel no less

Well, I am not sure I like it as it currently stands, but I don’t hate it either, just am not completely satisfied. But, last night, I managed to edit my novel for the first time in months.

To start, I have now, finally, broken it into some chapters and put some structure to it, though it needs much, much more.

Most of my time was spent on the first 50 pages or so, which I edited with the goal of getting something reasonable for the Wiscon writer’s respite. I have selected the first chapter, which is about 6000 words, currently on about 27 pages (Courier 12 point, double spaced). So while it does not feel like a lot of words, I do worry that it may be too much for the respite even so.

Additionally, I am not sure that I like all aspects of the current story and plot, there are some hints that I have left in that I am considering taking out, and some elements that I think I need to refine/extend/change.

Even more, I worry that my writing style will not be up to the standards of the others at Wiscon, in The Third Coast (my current working title), I am writing in a style that I am not sure I quite recognize, but I don’t think it is typical either – probably too driven by old radio plays, lots of dialogue, some of which may be more than a bit stilted (need to keep working on it).

And I worry that though I have toned it down, there is still too much explication, too much “deus ex machima” (though some of that is the nature of the plot, revolving in part around time travel).

But on the other hand, I am not really on some level writing “science” fiction, in that though there is some time travel it is just a plot device, not what I am writing about – i.e. I try to glide over the “science” and want to focus more on the history and the people, I want to write about the shadows of history, times of chaos, and the small acts and actions of people, even people whom we love and think we know, that might not be what we expect.

My plot, as such, is on two levels – the first is the main character, Francis, on a bit of journey of discovery about his family (and himself) across time.

The second, is the story of a group of other people affected by Francis’s family throughout history, but who also have their own stories and histories which are changed by his family (and which go on in directions sideways to the Hatterfords (Francis’s family).

Anyway, later today I will probably just make the decision to send it off and hope for the best…


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